Fabric, finish, height, light, block out, sheer... So many decisions to make when it comes to window dressing..  


A modern favourite is the wave track. If you can have it in a concealed box in the ceiling, even better.  


Contemporary K manufactures custom made curtains.  




A fusion of rust, metal and wood can only lead to a modern fiasco! Wonderful, how else would you soften the stark modern lines of a beautiful piece of architecture? 

This rusted finish is a metal paint that is treated with an acid wash to speed up the process. With the end result a rusted wall. A slightly different wall treatment to paint..

Imagine Alice Photography-78.jpg


Love them or loathe them, scatter cushions make it into our homes all the time. If they must make it through the door then at least have beautiful texture, popping colors or fun prints.  


This combination of scatters is made up from the Casamance range, and adds an element of softness to a very modern room. 


Is it art?

An original Italian racing bicycle, in its distinctive turquoise green colour. Of all the beautiful artworks I have been exposed to, this is by far my favourite piece of art. There is an argument that tyres and gears are meant for the road, but here it is elevated, celebrated, admired and proudly adored. 


I value this as art as it is a conversation starter and a collectors dream. This home is filled with great contemporary artworks, however the Bianchi is the one that breaks those awkward silences during lunch... The tour de France inevitably comes up which becomes a stage for Lance Armstrong and even banned substances...

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